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Commentaries on this Media!


by Nicholas Sammond

This is a film version of Winsor McCay's celebrated live vaudeville show, which incorporated his animation. After seeming to create Gertie through a lightning sketch, McCay puts the "dinosaurus" through her paces as if she were a circus animal. Yet in the emergent performative tropes of American animation, he also acts as Interlocutor between Gertie and her audiences, onstage, in the filmic framing story, and watching the film now. Resistant and disobedient, Gertie displays behaviors that will become standard in animated lead characters, and which borrow heavily from the traditions of blackface minstrelsy.


Winsor McCay's Gertie, a film version of his vaudeville animation act.

from Winsor McCay Master Edition (1914)
Creator: Winsor McCay
Distributor: Milestone
Posted by Nicholas Sammond