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Commentaries on this Media!

Broken Toys

by Nicholas Sammond

This 1935 Disney Silly Symphony is another one of the company's uplifting Depression-oriented shorts. A group of discarded toys takes it upon themselves to repair each other, then march off to donate themselves to orphans. Some of the toys are caricatures of Hollywood stars, and one is meant to be Lincoln Perry, aka Stepin Fetchit. (On the accompanying commentary, Leonard Maltin warns against a casual reading of the racism of the 1930s, yet refers to Perry by his stage name.) While most of the toys make valuable contributions to the repair effort, the Stepin Fetchit doll has a hard time staying awake, his character signaling an exclusion of African Americans from the uplift of the New Deal.

Broken Toys

A 1935 Disney Silly Symphony.

from More Silly Symphonies (1935)
Creator: Walt Disney Productions
Distributor: Walt Disney Productions
Posted by Nicholas Sammond