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Commentaries on this Media!

Bosko The Talk-Ink Kid

by Nicholas Sammond

This 1929 short was a demo real from animators Rudolph Ising (featured in the clip itself) and Hugh Harman, who were trying to develop characters for sound film. Playing on vaudeville and on blackface minstrelsy, they created a character who ostensibly performed as black, but who demonstrated the malleability of the animate form by transforming into other ethnicities. Bosko's body also mirrored the minstrel's fluidity of motion, and also his resistance to control.

Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid

Harman and Ising break into sound film with their new minstrel creation, Bosko.

from Bosko The Talk-Ink Kid (1929)
Creator: Harman and Ising
Distributor: Bosko Video
Posted by Nicholas Sammond