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Billy Crystal Spoofs the Year in Film - Oscars 2012

by Nicholas Sammond

Inserting himself into a diverse set of films as The Descendants, The Help, Adventures of Tintin, as well as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Billy Crystal shares the screen alongside George Clooney and also revives his impression of Sammy Davis Jr. alongside Justin Bieber, appearing in a carriage reminiscent of Midnight in Paris. Crystal travels through an animated world of film, and finds himself finally onstage as the host of the Academy Awards.

Billy Crystal Spoofs the Year in Film - Oscars 2012

Traveling through the nominated films of 2012, Billy Crystal finds an opportunity to revive his Sammy Davis Jr. impression once again, appearing in blackface next to Justin Bieber as a spoof of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

from Oscars 2012 Intro Reel (2012)
Creator: Billy Crystal
Posted by Nicholas Sammond