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Babes In Arms: Minstrel Show

by Nicholas Sammond

This 1939 MGM musical features Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland as two vaudeville brats trying to save their parents' failing acts. When they decide to mount a benefit performance, naturally they decide to make it a minstrel show. It was not uncommon for civic organizations at the time to put on minstrel shows to raise money. In this instance, as elsewhere, minstrelsy is treated nostalgically (as is vaudeville), as a quaint and harmless bygone performance form, and not a performance of racial stereotyping.

Babes In Arms: The Minstrel Show

In this 1939 Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland vehicle, blackface minstrelsy is treated as adorable.

from Babes In Arms (1939)
Creator: MGM
Distributor: MGM Home Video
Posted by Nicholas Sammond