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Video Voodoo In Harlem
A 1938 video by Walter Lantz that creates an imaginary geography linking Africa, to Haiti, to the Old South, to Harlem...all through ink brought to life as fantastic black bodies.
Video Ko-Ko the Clown in "Vaudeville"
A 1924 silent short by Fleischer Studios, featuring their mischevious star, Ko-Ko the Clown. (Audio on this clip was added when it was re-released.) Ko-Ko was often built on a rotoscope of Dave Fleischer. This clip features the play of race and ethnicity common in vaudeville, as well as Ko-Ko's minstrel tendencies.
Video Winsor McCay's Little Nemo
Winsor McCay's 1911 Little Nemo, based on his popular Sunday morning comic strip, "Little Nemo in Slumberland." The film replaced his live stage act with a framing narrative which centered around performing the incredible labor of animation.
Video 30 Rock Christmas Attack Zone
An episode of the TV show in which Jenna appears in blackface.
Video Lightning Sketch (1907)
This 1907 film chronicles a lightning sketch with stereotypical content.
Video The Chinaman
A 1920 Out of the Inkwell short by the Fleischer Studios.
Video Egyptian Melodies
A Disney cartoon short from the early 1930s plays on jazz and space.
Video Bug Vaudeville
This 1918 cartoon is illustrative of the relationship of early animation to vaudeville.
Video Fantasmagorie
Emil Cohl's 1908 animation.
Video Swing Wedding
A 1937 MGM cartoon that renders famous jazz musicians as swamp creatures.
Video The Early Bird and the Worm
A 1936 MGM Happy Harmony features a blackface minstrel routine.
Video Enchanted Drawing
A film of James Stuart Blackton's Enchanted Drawing.
Video Winsor McCay's Little Nemo
Winsor McCay's 1911 film of his stage show.
Video Fleischer Chinatown
Video Scrub Me Mama
Video Alice Cans the Cannibals
Walt Disney Productions' Alice Cans the Cannibals (1925).
Video The Wolfman Speaks
A scene in George Lucas's American Graffiti in which Curt seeks out deejay Wolfman Jack to ask for his help.
Video Mean Streets Opening
The opening credits of Mean Streets (1973).
Video Winsor McCay's Little Nemo
Winsor McCay's 1911 film of his stage show.
Video Goofy Goat
This is a Ted Esbaugh cartoon from 1931. It shows how ordinary animals were used to stand in for blackface minstrels, who themselves stood in for fantasies of African American life.
Video Gertie
Winsor McCay's Gertie, a film version of his vaudeville animation act.
Video Making 'Em Move
This 1931 cartoon by the Van Beuren Studios creates a fantasy in which cartoon characters create themselves in sweatshop conditions.
Video Eddie Cantor Ad
An ad from an unnamed magazine.
Video John Randolph Bray on Cartooning
Reproduction of a Photoplay article.
Video Christy Playbill Detail
Reproduction of a detail from a playbill for the EP Christy minstrel troupe.
Video Two Black Crows in Hollywood
PR piece for two 1920s blackface minstrels
Video EP Christy Playbill
A playbill for the EP Christy minstrels.
Video Minstrel Guide
A guide from the 1880s describes how to put on a minstrel show.
Video Felix the Cat Prologue Instructions
An article from Moving Picture World explains how to create a live prologue to a Felix the Cat cartoon.
Video Bray on Comics
A reproduction of a 1917 article by founder of industrial animation John Randolph Bray.
Video Moran And Mack Perform Two Live Crows
A 78 rpm recording of the blackface minstrels Moran and Mack performing their signature routine.
Video Two Black Crows
A 78rpm recording of two blackface minstrels reprising their stage and radio act. It would later be reprised in cartoons by Warner Bros. and MGM. Thus, the circulation of blackface minstrelsy across media platform
Video The Artist's Dream
John Randolph Bray's demo reel features a mixture of live footage and animation, and plays on the trope of animation as a form of magic.
Video "Pigs is Pigs"
Pigs is Pigs is a Merrie Melodies cartoon released in 1937, featuring the last appearance of Piggy and the Hamhock family, directed by Friz Freleng, with Schlesinger producing and Carl W. Stalling arranging the music.
Video Mickey's Mellerdrammer
In this 1933 Walt Disney Productions short, Mickey, Minnie and friends black up to perform a confused version of Uncle Tom's Cabin that mixes blackface minstrelsy with abolitionist melodrama.
Video Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom
Music video
Video 30 Rock Black Swan(n) Clip
Episode 10 of Season 5 of 30 Rock, 90th episode of the series
Video 30 Rock - Believe in the Stars
Oprah Winfrey appears in this short clip from 30 Rock, in which Liz Leman on medication hallucinates that she has met Oprah on a plane when in fact she has only met a preteen girl. At NBC, Tracy and Jenna are up to no good, competing for victim status by dressing up in blackface and whiteface.
Video Cartoon Factory - Out of the Inkwell Films
Animated by Max Fleischer,
Video Fantasmagorie
Emile Cohl animated short animated film.
Video Mickey's Mellerdrammer
This short animated cartoon is based on Harriot Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the characters Mickey, Minnie and Horace all dress up in an adaptation of the novel in the format of an old-time minstrel show.
Video The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
This short-film is composed of live-action and animation, first showing the man eating the rarebit in question, only to have delirious dreams after.
Video Trip to Mars
Trip to Mars depicts a live-action animating Max Fleischer as he begins to create drawings that come to life, and burst out of their world into our own.
Video The Frozen North
This Terrytoons animation depicts the conditions in the Yukon and is full of visual gags as we are introduced to the various creatures inhabiting the north.
Video The "Teddy" Bears
“Teddy” opens with a scene of a bear family – portrayed by humans in costumes – departing their house, as a young girl enters the scene and into their abode.
Video The Simpsons - Banksy Opening
In this controversial opening created by the infamous street artist Banksy, The Simpsons derails into a meta-animation detailing its own creation in sweat-shop factories, overflowing with tired workers, animal limbs, and decay.
Video Krazy-Kat Goes A-Wooing
Just in time for Valentines day, this 1916 silent animation depicts Krazy Kat as s/he "Goes A-Wooing". The eponymous cat mistakenly croons under the wrong window, only to be pelted by bricks for his/her overt displays of affection.
Video Mad Men - Roger Sterling singing in blackface
In this controversial scene, Roger Sterling serenades with "My Old Kentucky Home" to his bride Jane.
Video Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON
This psychedelic Kyary video features the Japaneses "kawaii" aesthetic, but through combining it with bizarre and illogical elements.
Video The Chinaman's Chance
Flip the Frog looks for an escaped Chinese criminal
Video Shirley Q. Liquor - White People on TV
Chuck Knipp plays the drag role of Shirley Q Liquor in this short clip, detailing a segment where she talks about white people on TV, and her subsequent feelings about them.
Video Tropic Thunder - "Full Retard" Scene
In this scene with Ben Stiller and a Robert Downey Jr. in blackface, the latter's character who is a full-immersive, "method actor" explains to the former the rules of playing disabled characters in Hollywood.
Video "I'm Nobody" - Tropic Thunder
A scene of ontological crisis, Kirk Lazarus breaks down and sheds all of his personas in order to become himself.
Video "Jefferson" - Tropic Thunder
In this one scene, Alpa Chino talks about the lack of black representation in the film and how they gave the one good black role in the film to a white Australian.
Video "Kirk Lazarus" - Tropic Thunder
In this short clip, Speedman watches as Access Hollywood reports the lated news on Kirk Lazarus, reporting on the controvercial procedure Lazarus had to undergo to "become" a black man for his latest film role with Speedman.
Video Babes in Arms Still Image
The film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name - staring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland.
Video Bamboozled Still Image
Bamboozled still - figure 1 - Intro chapter
Video Billy Crystal impersonating Sammy Davis Jr. Still image
Billy Crystal impersonating Sammy Davis Jr. - Oscars 2012
Video Jim Jeffries' Training Camp
Surrounded by His Cronies and Bosom Pals including blackface minstrel Eddie Leonard - New York Morning Telegraph
Video S. Mouse - Angry Boys
In this still image, the comedian Chris Lilley is depicted in his act of playing S. Mouse - on the show Angry Boys originating in Australia.
Video Putney Swope - Still Image
"Things are changing" is depicted in the background of this scene from Putney Swope - a story about a black advertising executive who is 'accidentally' elected by others from his company to take the lead.
Video Little Sammy Sneeze
Cartoon strip by Winsor McCay
Video Winsor McCay - Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend
This editorial Sunday cartoon series illustrated by Winsor McCay depicts a man encountering the latest trends in men's hats - an absurd world that concludes with the denouncing of the rarebit as the man awakes from his delirious dreams.
Video Felix in Hollywood
Felix the Cat cartoon, a Pat Sullivan comic
Video Swooner Crooner
This 1944 cartoon features Raymond Scott’s anthem to industrialism, “Powerhouse.” Featuring caricatures of teen idols Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, it parodies the shift of women workers into wartime manufacturing jobs.
Video Boobs in the Woods
In this Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon, Daffy Duck enjoys the great outdoors, that is until Porky arrives.
Video Pink Elephant Sequence in Dumbo
In this vivacious sequence from Dumbo, a bubble blown by Dumbo morphs into an elephant, and a series of phantasmal transformations occur. The pink elephants appear, morphing their bodies into instruments, radically transforming the animated space.
Video Policy and Pie
A 1918 Katzenjammer Kids cartoon by Gregory La Cava, released by International Film Service.
Video Amos 'n' Andy: The Dairy
Excerpt of a 1929 episode of Amos 'n' Andy
Video Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs
A 1943 WB cartoon retelling Snow White with a racist inflection
Video Steamboat Willie
Disney's 1928 entry into sound chooses Zip Coon as its theme song.
Video Goin' To Heaven on a Mule
Finale to Al Jolson's minstrel extravaganza Wonder Bar (1938).
Video Tin Pan Alley Cats
Warner Brothers recycles Porky in Wackyland (1939), with a racist difference.
Video Clean Pastures
Warner Bros. parody of Green Pastures manages to up the racist stereotyping in the name of humor.
Video Uncle Tom's Bungalow
Warner Bros. converts the racist sentimentalism of Uncle Tom's Cabin into racist cynicism.
Video Babes In Arms: The Minstrel Show
In this 1939 Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland vehicle, blackface minstrelsy is treated as adorable.
Video Ko-Ko in 1999
Ko-Ko the Clown travels to the distant future.
Video Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
A review of Betty's greatest moments.
Video Felix Dopes It Out
Felix the Cat in a predicament.
Video Hollywood Goes Krazy
Krazy Kat goes to Hollywood to break into pictures
Video Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid
Harman and Ising break into sound film with their new minstrel creation, Bosko.
Video Jumping Beans
Ko-Ko revolts!
Video Thugs With Dirty Mugs
A parody of an E.G Robinson film is highly self-referential.
Video Bojangles of Harlem
A clip from the 1936 musical Swing Time.
Video Bojangles of Harlem II
A clip from the 1936 film Swing Time
Video Swing You Sinners
A 1930 Fleischer short featuring a prototype of Bimbo as a minstrel.
Video Snow White
The 1933 Fleischer version of the fairy tale.
Video Shadracks
Blackface minstrels Miller and Lee perform indefinite speech.
Video Bamboozled: Indefinite Speech
A minstrel routine in which language is reworked and a telepathic bond suggested.
Video Bamboozled: Blacking Up
Tommy Davidson and Savion Glover black up.
Video Ko-Ko Needles the Boss
Fleischer creation Ko-Ko the clown battles with his creator.
Video Felix Out of Luck
Felix the Cat contemplates suicide.
Video Skeleton Dance
An early Disney short demonstrates its debt to vaudeville.
Video Skeleton Frolic
A Columbia short with a debt to Disney.
Video Hollywood Bowl
An example of animation as advertisement for Hollywood.
Video The Minstrel Show
Krazy Kat puts on a minstrel show.
Video Porky In Wackyland
Porky travels to Africa to capture the dodo.
Video Kid Millions Minstrel Show
An Eddie Cantor film stages a full minstrel show
Video Mississippi Swing
A cartoon minstrel show from the 1940s.
Video Futuritzy
A Felix the Cat Short.