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Prop 8 Parody (1)

by Raffi Sarkissian

This is one of three grassroots political ads produced by supporters of "No on 8," advocates of keeping marriage for same-sex couples legal in California's 2008 ballot measure, Proposition 8. A "yes" vote would strike down the CA supreme court ruling (June 2008) that legalized same-sex marriage in California by adding into the state constitution that marriage be defined as between one man and one woman. A "No" vote would let the current law stay as is (keeping same-sex marriage legal).

This ad is a parody of the classic Apple vs. PC ads produced by Apple which usually depicts Apple as more sleek and attractive than the PC. The ad uses satire to great effect, showing the "No on 8" representative as more "attractive" than the "Yes on 8" rep, using many of the inane arguments from the "Yes" advocates to show their discriminatory and shallow nature.

"Hello, I'm No on 8"

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This is a grassroots produced political ad (distributed online) for the 2008 California ballot measure, Proposition 8.

from Hello, I'm No on 8 (2008)
Creator: NoOnProp8dotcom
Posted by Raffi Sarkissian