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Commentaries on this Media!

Welcome Sucker: An Invitation

by Robin Killian

We take a closer look at the unabashed approach: “Open for Business,” and, “Welcome Sucker” plastered on the screen. The industry built around Dom/Sub relationships is surprisingly candid and open. Many individuals are drawn to being used and aren’t hesitant to explore their darkness due to this fact. This footage asks that the viewer analyze his/her approach to want and need from themselves and others. Is it bothersome that someone may to gain, as you gain? Be it financial, sexual, emotional...

Woody Woodpecker Irony

Woody Woodpecker puts down a mat that says “Welcome Sucker” and hangs a sign that says “Open For Business.”

from Woody Woodpecker (Episode 29: Wet Blanket Policy) (1948)
Creator: Walter Lantz
Distributor: United Artists
Posted by Robin Killian