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Commentaries on this Media!

Self-Reflexive Interruption

by Robin Killian

We interrupt Bing Crosby’s performance by bringing the audience back to the reality of the situation that presumably follows the action in the boat. The woman becomes transformed in the scenes that follow. And it’s not all that uncommon. In fact, it’s the hidden norm. One study conducted by a popular erotic retailer calculated that 75% of people have at least one fetish. As a result, much of the film pulls from multiple resources to affirm just how common it is.
This is a turning point, taking us from the gentle “American dream” attitude into the hardcore reality of the present.

Vintage Footage from The Yankee Story

A man interjects, “Pardon me if I may interrupt.”

from The Yankee Story (1956)
Creator: Edward Gilman
Distributor: The Yankee Network, Division of RKO Teleradio Pictures Inc.
Posted by Robin Killian