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Commentaries on this Media!

Chanting "Praises of the Buddha"

by Robin Killian

Translation: The light of your face is unsurpassed in majesty, Your awesome greatness is beyond limit, A brightly shining flame with no equal. Next to your brilliance, Even the brightness of sun, Moon, and Manji jewel seem covered in black ink. Tathagata’s transcendent appearance has no comparison In all the world. The whole universe vibrates with the great sound of your Enlightenment. Your rare and superior virtues … … of wisdom, understanding, deep meditation, and strength of endeavor are awesome, beyond comparison. Your meditation to the innermost depths of all the Buddha Dharma oceans is without limit, Bringing full understanding. Ignorance, greed, and anger do not reside in the World-Honored one, The man of Lion. Your noble virtues are immeasurable. Your meritorious service is vast and great, The depths of your wisdom is profound. Your majestic appearance of light illumines the entire universe. When I (Dharmakara Bodhisattva) become a Buddha Equal to the Dharma King, I vow to transcend life and death and free all beings. Among virtues of Dana, readiness, discipline, patience, and endeavor, The highest shall be deep meditation and wisdom. I will become a Buddha and completely fulfill my vow. I will bring great peace to all who are in doubt or fear. Even though there are a myriad Buddhas and sages As numerous as the sands of the Ganges, And I were to offer homage to them all, It is still better for me to be faithful and strong, In seeking the true Path, never retreating. The Buddha worlds, also innumerable as the Ganges sands, Will be completely illuminated by my shining light The strength of my effort in this endeavor is beyond measure. When I become a Buddha, my land will be the finest. All the beings there will be exquisitely beautiful. My country will be like Nirvana, a place of practice, Transcendent beyond words, without equal. In my compassion I will enlighten all. Beings will come from the ten directions to be born in my country. They will be pure, their minds filled with gladness. Those in my pleasant country will be peaceful and at ease. Please, dear teacher, accept this proof of my sincerity. Here I establish my vow. Through strength and endeavor I shall fulfill this desire. The wisdom of all the Buddhas of the ten directions is unimpeded. May they always know my intent. Even though my body may undergo many sufferings and much pain, I shall never cease in my efforts. Whatever I must bear, I shall have no regrets. I am interested in the orientation of words on a page. What does it feel like for words to move around the screen? Does this approach demand focus from the audience? I have noticed that when the words move about the screen but the text and background remain minimal that the experience greatly differs from the same approach, but with the words in the center of the screen. I will be experimenting with the emotional implications of the placement of the words of the chant. Sambutsuge (Verses in Praise of the Buddha) appears in the first volume of the Sutra on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life. In this gatha, Bodhisattva Dharmakara, who became Amida Buddha in the beginningless past, praises the discourse on the Dharma and the brilliantly majestic appearance of his teacher, Buddha Lokesvararaja. Bodhisattva Dharmakara expresses his desire to become a Buddha overflowing with wisdom and compassion. Further, he vows that he will save all beings who are suffering in the world of delusion, enabling them to cross over to the other shore, having no regret, even if it would mean sinking in to the poisonous swamp of suffering and pain himself. (Additional commentary from Nishi Hongwanji L.A. temple website)

Sanbutsuge "Praises of the Buddha" chant

"Praises of the Buddha" is chanted by a group.

from Horai - Shin Buddhist Chants (2018)
Creator: Massimo Claus
Distributor: iTunes, YouTube
Posted by Robin Killian