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Commentaries on this Media!

Pile driver drone footage

by Robin Killian

This footage shows four pile drivers being run on an active construction site from an aerial point of view. The aerial perspective adds an omniscience to the shot and the way the viewer perceives it and themselves. The shot is largely brown, grey, and black, following the palette created by the machinery, the mob, and anything relating to the automatic.
This extreme wide shot illustrates the lack of nature in nature! Although this is footage next to a harbor, there appears to be little to no life involved. This footage of machinery elevates what has already been shown by moving wider and allowing the audience to see the scope of the automatic within us.

Overhead Pile Driver Drone Footage

A part of the world is explored from an aerial POV.

from Mindless Crowd (2019)
Creator: Jacco Kliesch
Distributor: Vimeo
Posted by Robin Killian