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Commentaries on this Media!

Verified Lubrication

by Robin Killian

In a subliminal approach, a man is ordered (probably by his boss) to clean a sign. We create a parallel to the tasks sometimes demanded of a slave, such as cleaning, with further emphasis on the parallel created through the text that states, “Verified Lubrication.” In a similar approach to that of the well-dressed and put together woman in her car, a man drives a vehicle. He is well-to-do and clearly enjoying his day, illustrated by the broad grin across his face! He looks over at a companion, who we do not see or cut to. We create the effect of secrecy yet again, reinforcing the idea that it could be anyone in the passenger or drivers’ seats in the Dom/Sub relationship! Preconceived notions of who is involved in the fetish world are usually wrong.

Happy Motoring Ahead!

An advertisement for Esso Standard Oil Co.

from Happy Motoring Ahead! (1945)
Creator: Bransby (John) Productions
Distributor: Esso Standard Oil Co.
Posted by Robin Killian