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Popular culture and bodily transformations

by Phillip Thurtle

In this clip from the X Files episode "The Post-Modern Prometheus", Scully and Mulder learn about The Great Mutato, a human created by a local scientist. This clip is remarkable in how it suggests how popular culture sources, such as the Jerry Springer Show and comic books, become the model for most people's version of what can really occur. In doing so, it reflects a long history of how low brow entertainments have presented exceptional bodies to mass audiences.

X Files, Season 5 Episode 5, "The Post-Modern Prometheus", clip introducing The Great Mutato

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Mulder and Scully are introduced to The Great Mutato and contemplate the role of popular media in constituting reality

from X Files, Season 5 Episode 5, "The Post-Modern Prometheus" (1997)
Creator: Chris Carter
Distributor: Fox Network
Posted by Phillip Thurtle