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Commentaries on this Media!

Life, Angels, and Trasnformation

by Phillip Thurtle

In the 1996 movie "Michael", the angel Michael brings a dog back to life. In doing so, he begins to lose feathers and becomes ill. This is a common theme in many movies about an angel's loss of wings. The loss is often attributed to a loss of vitality, where vitality is often thought of as an ability to make transformations. These transformation are often between life and death or between the ability to fly or not. Sometimes losing the ability to fly makes the angel into a human. This is not the case with Michael.

Michael Brings Sparky Back to Life

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Clip from the movie "Michael" where the angel Michael brings a dog back to life only to begin losing his feathers and his health.

from Michael (1996)
Creator: Nora Ephron
Distributor: New Line Cinema
Posted by Phillip Thurtle