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Commentaries on this Media!

Space Oddity 1969

by Phillip Thurtle

In this video produced by Kenneth Pitts and directed by Malcom J Thomson, David Bowie plays both Ground Control and Major Tom. The imagery from the video accentuates Major Tom's choice to stay in space, rather than return to Earth as the triumphant hero. In it Bowie is seduced by space maidens, the stars perhaps, and ends up in bed with them. The video was eventually shelved until it was released by Polygram in 1984.

David Bowie's original video of Space Oddity

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This is the original promotional video of David Bowie singing Space Oddity. It was one of the video's featured in the promotional film, Love You Till Tuesday, produced by Bowie's manager Kenneth Pitts in 1969.

from Love You Till Tuesday (1969)
Creator: Malcolm J Thomson and David Bowie
Distributor: Polygram
Posted by Phillip Thurtle