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Pepsi and Hip Consumerism

by Phillip Thurtle

Since the late 1950s, ad agencies began to increasingly appeal to the transformative experiences that products could bring consumers. During the 1960s and the 1970s this often meant that the advertising agencies would take their cues from the burgeoning counter culture, a trend that historian Thomas Frank has called, "hip consumerism". These Pepsi commercials from the late 1960s exemplified this trend as they appealed to youth culture (Pepsi Generation) and vitality (Come Alive!). These two commercials take this trend even further, as they use camera effects (such as lens flares and motion trail effects) and sonic cues (intervening sequences of psychedelic music) to highlight the potential experiences of drinking a Pepsi.

Come Alive!

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Pepsi Commercial

from Pepsi Commercials (1967)
Creator: PepsiCo
Posted by Phillip Thurtle