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Video Warren Worthington III attempts to file off his wing buds
Warren Worthington IIIrd is caught by his father filing off his wings.
Video Opening from Wings of Desire
Damiel the angel observes humanity
Video Damiel "enters the river"
The angel Damiel chooses to live as a human on earth
Video X Files, Season 5 Episode 5, "The Post-Modern Prometheus", clip introducing The Great Mutato
Mulder and Scully are introduced to The Great Mutato and contemplate the role of popular media in constituting reality
Video X Files, Season 5 Episode 5, "The Post-Modern Prometheus", clip where discusses HOX genes
The scientist Francis Pollidori (played by John O'Hurley) describes the role of HOX genes in development to Mulder and Scully.
Video X Files, Season 5 Episode 5, "The Post-Modern Prometheus", clip where The Great Mutato explains the origins of the townfolk
The townsfolk realize that they may have different origins than they thought
Video Michael Brings Sparky Back to Life
Clip from the movie "Michael" where the angel Michael brings a dog back to life only to begin losing his feathers and his health.
Video David Bowie Falls to Earth
The opening sequence for Nicolas Roeg's 1976 film, The Man Who Fell to Earth
Video David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes Music Video
1980 Music Video Ashes to Ashes from David Bowie's single from the same title
Video David Bowie's original video of Space Oddity
This is the original promotional video of David Bowie singing Space Oddity. It was one of the video's featured in the promotional film, Love You Till Tuesday, produced by Bowie's manager Kenneth Pitts in 1969.
Video Use of morphing showing Distal-less expression in butterfly wing spots
Distalless expression in larval wing imaginal discs in both Junonia sp. and Bicyclus sp. is correlated with the eyespots in adult wings. (Images by Julie Gates and Steve Paddock; morphing by Eric Hazen) featured in "Learning to Fly".
Video Morphing Sequence from Terminator 2
The morphing sequence from Terminator 2. In this scene the advanced T 1000 emerges from an explosion in a tunnel. As it does so, it morphs from its liquid metal form to its human form.
Video Come Alive!
Pepsi Commercial
Video Carrier of Disease
Film on the dangers of house flies