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Commentaries on this Media!

Sound Perspective in Touch of Evil - Bending Realsim

by Paul Cote

In this clip, we see how sound perspective is not always strictly realistic.  Here, we have two characters framed in ai long shot.  Initially, we hear the motor and radio softly in the distance, accurately reflecting our distance from the cars.  When the two men begin speaking, however, we hear them much more clearly than we would if we were actually standing this far away from them.  Hearing the dialogue clearly takes precedence over strictly maintaining a realistic sound perspective in this sequence.

Sound Perspective in Touch of Evil - Bending Realsim

This clip demonstrates that strict realism in sound perspective may be bent in for the sake of clarity.

from Touch of Evil (1958)
Creator: Orson Welles
Distributor: Universal
Posted by Paul Cote