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Lecture Library

Music for Econ
by Brian ORoark

The files below deal with economic content in music. You will find a variety of genres and topics covered in the songs. If you have an idea for a song or have a presentation that you have put together please drop me a line and we'll get your project posted.

Music for Econ on Critical Commons is the newest manifestation of the project begun by Dirk Mateer and Andrew Rice of Penn State University.

I Like Beer by Tom T Hall (1975) Music video
Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival by Creedence Clearwater Revival (1970) In this anti-Vietnam war ballad CCR claims that the less fortunate among us are forced to bear burdens that the children of the well-connected and well-off do not. Do these groups bear different responsibilities or are there actually higher costs for some to join the army than others?
Money Talks - AC/DC by AC/DC (1990) Money Talks by AC/DC deals with the role money plays in economic transactions. Money talks - it provides the incentives to get people to do things.
Wings$ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (2011) Wing$ deals with demand and elasticity, with a focus on the market for Air Jordan shoes.
E-Bay - Weird Al Yankovic by Weird Al Yankovic (2003) E-bay is a Weird Al classic parody song. However, he deals with the efficiency of markets making Weird Al quite the economist.
No Man's Land - Billy Joel by Billy Joel (1993) When economies grow it isn’t always sunshine and lollypops. Growing pains for economies are just another form of opportunity cost.