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Commentaries on this Media!

The Other Side

by Brian ORoark

PT Barnum tries to get Phillip Carlyle to join the circus. Carlyle at first is unwilling to give up his staid, soft lifestyle and risk the disapproval of the upper class society he is comfortable with, despite the potential for fun and financial gain. Will the Greatest Showman be able to convince him to experience life under the big top? Thanks to students David Rogers, Ben Kapule, Rose Bruchu, Taylor Hudson, Micah Lohman from Point Loma Nazarene University for this contribution.

The Other Side - From the Greatest Showman

Can PT Barnum convince Phillip Carlyle to quit the staid lifestyle of man about town and join the circus?

from The Other Side (2017)
Creator: Joseph Trapanese and John Debney
Distributor: iTunes, Amazon
Posted by David Rogers Ben Kapule Rose Bruchu Taylor Hudson and Micah Lohman