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Commentaries on this Media!

Stressed Out - 21 Pilots

by Brian ORoark

No wonder the 21 Pilots are stressed out. They can't decide if they are singing about the stresses and insecurities of the millennial generation, or economics. This song contains references to competition, sunk costs, opportunity costs, marginal thinking, and money, among other things. You can build rocket ships or play in tree houses in your imaginations. In the real world, all you hear is "wake up you need to make money!"

Stressed Out

21 Pilots sing about the things that stress out the insecure lead singer. But this isn't a song about psychology as much as it is about economics. Wake up you need to make money!

from Blurryface (2015)
Creator: 21 Pilots
Distributor: iTunes, Amazon
Posted by Brian ORoark