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Commentaries on this Media!

Live Your Life - Rihanna and TI

by Brian ORoark

How do you live your life? A rich life involves more than just money. If you spend your time "chasing the paper" you will forego many of the experiences that make life fun - those opportunity costs can be quite high. However, if you live your life without regard for the financial costs of things you can end up bankrupt. Life is a balancing act between making money and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Live Your Life - Rihanna and TI

Living your life is a great mantra, but you have to be able to finance this. Rihanna is chasing the paper to make that happen, but chasing paper entails opportunity costs.

from Live Your Life (2008)
Creator: Rihanna and TI
Distributor: iTunes, Amazon
Posted by Brian O'Roark