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Eyeline match in The Stendhal Syndrome

by Oliver Gaycken

This clip demonstrates the power of the eyeline match. When Asia Argento's character looks out of the frame to the left, there is a cut to a painting, and the assumption is that she is looking at the painting. This inferred spatial relationship can be artificial, however, as is the case here. The scene in the film supposedly takes place in the Uffizi gallery, and the painting, Brueghel's The Fall of Icarus, is not part of the Uffizi's collection. Argento has used the eyeline match to create a spatial relationship that exists solely within the film.


by William Yao

It is so nice to find an example about Eyeline match which is not on YouTube!

Eyeline match in The Stendhal Syndrome

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Eyeline matching in The Stendhal Syndrome

from The Stendhal Syndrome (1996)
Creator: Dario Argento
Distributor: Cine 2000
Posted by Oliver Gaycken