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Parallelism in His Girl Friday

by Oliver Gaycken

In Classical Hollywood films, the beginning of the film is often echoed by the conclusion. His Girl Friday is an example of this tendency; thus we can see certain aspects of the relationship between Walter and Hildy--their verbal sparring, his dispensing with chivalric protocol--that are developed in the film's opening sequence recur in the final scene. Although in many ways the film presents us with narrative closure--Earl Williams and the Morning Post have been exonerated--the repetition of these elements at the conclusion opens the question of what has changed for Hildy and Walter and whether their relationship will repeat the pattern of marriage-divorce-remarriage yet again.

Parallelism in His Girl Friday, part two

The conclusion of His Girl Friday

from His Girl Friday (1940)
Creator: Howard Hawks
Distributor: Columbia
Posted by Oliver Gaycken