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Commentaries on this Media!

Subjective narration in Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock 1946)

by Oliver Gaycken

This clip from Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious provides an example of how a director can create a moment of perceptual subjectivity. These moments are rare in classical narrative, and in this clip only a few shots--those using optical distortion--actually qualify as perceptually subjective (although the tracking shots in the first half of the clip certainly express Ingrid Bergman's character's realization that she has been drugged). The use of reverberation in the soundtrack is another indicator of the character's altered state.

Notorious Subjective

Clip from Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious An example of subjective narration

from Notorious (1946)
Creator: Alfred Hitchcock
Distributor: RKO Radio Pictures
Posted by Oliver Gaycken