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Commentaries on this Media!

Use of a wide-angle lens

by Oliver Gaycken

This scene from Hitch demonstrates how a filmmaker's choice of lens can contribute to the narrative. When Sara looks through the peephole in her door, her point of view is presented using a wide-angle lens. This decision makes sense, since security peepholes are wide-angle lenses. In this scene, however, this view has an additional effect that contributes to the character's dialogue. Hitch, a professional lothario who is usually calm, cool, and collected, here finds himself flustered and incapable of expressing himself with his usual elegance (because of his emotional attachment to Sara). The wide-angle lens creates a visual equivalent to his verbal awkwardness, thus underscoring how unlike "himself" (i.e., funny-looking instead of handsome) he is in this scene.

Use of a wide-angle lens in Hitch

A scene from Hitch by Andy Tennant

from Hitch (2005)
Creator: Andy Tennant
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Posted by Oliver Gaycken