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Commentaries on this Media!

A violation of the 180-degree rule

by Oliver Gaycken

This sequence from The Getaway contains an instance where the 180-degree rule is violated. Identify the moment and discuss its narrative significance.


by Andre Pimenta

developes the tension and distance among the characters


by Andre Pimenta

The violation was made to develop the distance among the characters

Where the violation occurs

by john ned

It occurs around the one minute mark when the perspective flips and we literally "see things from the other side". This is where Ali McGraw's character brings out what real love and loyalty are. "You'd do the same for me Doc wouldn't you?" A soft romantic music weliing up is an additional audio cue for the audience. Tough ,tender, sexy without becoming trite or maudlin. Fantastic

Breaking the rules

by john ned

The 180 degree rule is broken right around the one minute mark. It's a shift in perspective that literally shows things from he other side, namely Ali McGraw's. She slept with a parole commissioner to win McQueen (her husband in the film and real life) his freedom. "You'd do the same for me wouldn't you? Well wouldn't you?" It's a question Doc can't answer. The soft music act as an audio cue underscoring this emotional moment.The scene is tough ,tender, sexy and terse. Not a wasted line or emotion, and no cheap sentimentality . Fantastic (just rewriting since I'm not sure the original was posted or delivered. Great clip. Had the fortune to see this on Hulu a couple of weeks ago)


by John Smith

Cannot think of a less important thing to be concerned with

A violation of the 180-degree rule

A clip from the 1972 film The Getaway by Sam Peckinpah that contains an example of "crossing the axis."

from The Getaway (1972)
Creator: Sam Peckinpah
Distributor: First Artists
Posted by Oliver Gaycken