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Video Demo Men 1: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
Demo Men This clip from _Earth vs Flying Saucers_ is the product of an early visit by a film crew to an actual computing research facility. Here, we follow the protagonist as an expert professor demonstrates application of an early computer, Vannevar Bush’s differential analyzer.
Video Demo Men 2: Forbidden Planet
In Forbidden Planet, we follow our protagonists behind Dr. Morbius on a tour of an alien lab, and receive demonstrations of an alien computer that registers brain capacity.
Video Demo Men 3: Billion Dollar Brain
Thus this overly detailed sequence from the 1967 spy film "Billion Dollar Brain," in which we're introduced through the naive protagonist to the process of hacking a Honeywell H-200 system which was then employed by a crazed Texan oil tycoon intent on starting WW3 with the Soviets.
Video Demo Men 4: War Games
This War Games clip is part of the Demo Men series
Video Demo Men 5: Three Days of the Condor
The three Days of the Condor here is part of the Demo Men series.