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Ben H'Midi's arrest

by Nick Mirzoeff

The FLN bring a key leader to Algiers for the strike. The cadre played by Yacef Saadi entrusts him to Ali la Pointe. On a rooftop overlooking Algiers, they discuss the politics of the strike. Ali wanted to continue the armed struggle rather than use the strike strategy but H'midi tells him that the greatest difficulty for any revolution comes after it has been victorious.

It's likely that Saadi and Pontecorvo interpolated this scene as part of their concern that the post-independence state was already back-tracking from its revolutionary goals.

Battle of Algiers ch. 18

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Sequence with resistance leader Larbi ben H'Midi

from Battle of Algiers (1965)
Creator: Gillo Pontecorvo
Distributor: Criterion
Posted by Nick Mirzoeff