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Commentaries on this Media!

How Post Feminism May Be Subverted

by Nicole Michelle Danser

Start at 3:19 In the kitchen scene, Minaj subverts notions of domesticity, making fun of the sexualized eating portrayed in videos similar to the Carl’s Junior ads, but instead ends up crushing a banana, a phallic symbol, in her hands, then tossing it away while looking directly at the camera (which Nicki Minaj often does, subverting the Male Gaze). While this music video is not the best example of Niki’s subversion of post-feminism’s embrace of the hypersexual, it also references Minaj’s use of alter egos via her pink wig, which represents her “Barbie” Character.

“Yet, as I have suggested, it is possible that women of color may be in a unique position to disrupt, at least symbolically, the whiteness of postfeminism.”
Jess Butler

Nicki Minaj's Subversion of Post Feminism

A music video in which Nicki Minaj sexualizes herself in a tongue and cheek way.

from Anaconda (2015)
Creator: Young Money Cash Money Republic
Distributor: VEVO
Posted by Nicole Michelle Danser