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Carl's Junior Post Feminist Ad

by Nicole Michelle Danser

“We are witness to a hyper-culture of commercial sexuality, one aspect of which is the repudiation of a feminism invoked only to be summarily dismissed (see also Rosalind Gill 2003)”

McRobbie 259

As with the Claudia Schiffer commercial written about in “Post Feminism and Popular Culture”, what we see here, other than an example of high art, is an example of irony used in the representation of women in order to show that what could be sexist, definitely isn’t because, we are totally over that by now, right? (sarcasm) It’s almost empowering. As McRobbie states, it “appears to suggest that yes, this is a self-consciously ‘sexist ad,’ feminist critiques of it are deliberately evoked. Feminism is ‘taken into account,’ but only to be shown to be no longer necessary. Why? Because there is no exploitation here, there is nothing remotely na ̈ıve about this striptease. She [Or They] seems to be doing it out of choice, and for [Their] own enjoyment;

In this Carl Junior’s ad, disapproval is introduced through female exploitation. Scantily clad women feeding one another sensually. But, like in the Claudia commercial, is dismissed as belonging to the past, to a time when feminists used to object to such imagery. This time, by giving one of the models, Genevieve Morton, a line, “I know what you’re thinking, but, c’mon, it’s called the Bacon Three-way burger, what did you expect?” This quote let’s us know, “You could think this was sexist, I could think this was sexist, but come on, this can’t be sexist. We’re over that. And this video just has to be this way because the name is ‘the 3-way bacon burger”. And we all know the name came down from the heavens and not by a marketing group.

By declaring the irony and ridiculousness of the commercial, there can be no objection without being mocked. Objection is pre-empted with irony. As McRobbie explains, “In each of these cases a spectre of feminism is invoked so that it might be undone; for male viewers tradition is restored or as Beck puts it there is “constructed certitude,” while for the girls what is proposed is a movement beyond feminism, to a more comfortable zone where women are now free to choose for themselves (Ulrich Beck 1992).

Carl's Junior Bacon Three Way Burger PostFeminist Commercial

Post-Feminist Carl's Junior Commercial

from Carl’s Jr Bacon 3 Way Burger “Fantasty” Commercial (2015)
Creator: 72andSunny
Distributor: Carl's Junior
Posted by Nicole Michelle Danser