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What Kind of Man? (Curtains the Musical)

by Matthew Rousu

The singers here describe a job that is so terrible and that only a disgusting person could possibly take it. (For those who haven’t seen this clip before, I won’t spoil the fun by ruining what job they’re discussing. It’s funny.) For jobs that are dangerous or not-enjoyable, workers usually must be paid a higher wage to work that job. That’s called a compensating wage differential and this theory explains, for example, why many plumbers earn higher salaries than social workers.

What Kind of Man?

The cast of a musical respond describes a job they think is terrible, wondering how anybody could possibly want to take that job.

from Curtains the Musical (2006)
Creator: Fred Ebb and John Kander
Distributor: Curtains (2007 original Broadway cast)
Posted by Matthew Rousu