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The Speed Test (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

by Matthew Rousu

“If you can make sense of my unintelligible patter – then the job is yours and Hudson’s Floor Wax really doesn’t matter”. Mr. Graydon tells this to Millie Dillmont after he has her go through a speed typing test. This is a form of screening, and screening tests to obtain jobs are common. The federal government has exams to get many civil service jobs, for example. A counterpart to screening, which is done by firms or the organizations looking to add a member, is signaling. Signaling is done by the person who wishes to obtain a job. Some with extreme views even think that the main purpose of college is that it provides a signal to future employers.

The Speed Test

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The firm looking to hire a worker has a screening device

from (2000)
Creator: Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan
Distributor: berrettalbright
Posted by Matthew Rousu