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Commentaries on this Media!

A Summer in Ohio

by Matthew Rousu

This is a great song to illustrate both trade-offs and opportunity costs. Kathy is singing a letter that she’s writing to her husband, Jamie. She is taking a shot at her dream of being an actress, but to do so she has to spend the summer in a small town in Ohio. She’s not happy about this. The opportunity cost of being an actress is living away from her husband. The fact that she’s willing to live with a gay midget, a former stripper and her snake, and in a place without hot water or Vietnamese food also shows the trade-offs she’s willing to suffer to make her dream come true.

Opportunity Cost of A Summer in Ohio

Jamie is spending a summer in Ohio to pursue her dream of being an actress. She discusses the trade-offs involved and that there is a huge opportunity cost (of not being in New York with her husband).

from The Last Five Years (2015)
Creator: Jason Robert Brown
Distributor: iTunes
Posted by Matthew Rousu