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Commentaries on this Media!

Eternal Youth is Worth a Little Suffering (Sunset Boulevard)

by Matthew Rousu

Norma Desmond wants to look younger, and is willing to endure significant pain to get there. This is a great song to illustrate two concepts - trade offs and opportunity cost. The trade offs here are clear - to look younger and more beautiful, Norma Desmond has to endure some suffering. This song also is a good one to illustrate opportunity costs. She likely pays the beauty consultants who are singing, but she’s so rich that paying for this service doesn’t matter much to her. The implicit costs here are large, however. Norma Desmond has to give up a lot to look younger. The opportunity cost of beauty, in her case, is foregoing carbohydrates, injections, and more exercise.

Eternal Youth is Worth a Little Suffering

Norma Desmond wants to look younger. But it comes at a cost.

from Sunset Boulevard (1991)
Creator: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Distributor: Sunset Boulevard Soundtrack
Posted by Matthew Rousu