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Commentaries on this Media!

Vertigo - Ernies

by Michelle Langford

This is the crucial scene at Ernies where Scottie first sees Madeline. Note the way the camera movement scans the space, following Scottie's eye-line look and zooms slowly to finally rest on Madeline, seen from behind and so striking in her green shawl and plunging back, which contrasts so strikingly with the red that dominates the mise en scène. Note also how the music compliments the camera movements to direct our gaze. Then, note how Hitchcock uses a few POV shots from Scottie’s perspective, and the way Scottie averts his gaze to avoid having his gaze returned.

Vertigo - Ernies

This is the scene where Scottie first sees Madeleine

from Vertigo (1958)
Creator: Alfred Hitchcock
Distributor: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Posted by Michelle Langford