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The 'cold open' in The Good Wife

by Michelle Langford

The “cold open” is typical television convention and is often used in crime and medical procedurals. It is an effective way of hooking the viewer in getting them to tune into the next hour to find out who killed the victim or whether the victim will survive. It’s a popular trope in television’s key genres – cop drama, medical drama, lawyer drama. The Good Wife (2009-2016) is hybrid half serialized, half procedural episodic lawyer drama with a cinematic flair. This clip from The Good Wife (S07E17) shows how they’ve adopted the cold open trope in a really interesting way.

The 'cold open' in The Good Wife

an example of a 'cold open' in TV series The Good Wife

from The Good Wife (2015)
Creator: Michelle King, Robert King
Posted by Michelle Langford