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Sound effects in Raging Bull

by Michelle Langford

Types of Film Sound: Sound effects – traditionally these were thought to complement but never compete with speech, however this is a problematic assumption as it radically underestimates the importance of sound effects in our experience of film. Scorsese’s Raging Bull provides a good example of how sound effects are crucial for immersing the viewer in a scene. Scorsese has highlighted the way that the sound mix for Raging Bull was very difficult as each punch, camera click, flash bulb etc. was different. He approached the sound effects as a composer would approach a score (Scorsese on Scorsese, p. 83). At times he chose to cut the sound out entirely.

Sound effects in Raging Bull

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Raging Bull sound effects

from Raging Bull (1980)
Creator: Martin Scorsese
Distributor: MGM
Posted by Michelle Langford