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Commentaries on this Media!

Sensuality in Majid Majidi's Baran

by Michelle Langford

In this clip from Baran (2000), Majid Majidi’s invests the images of the would-be lovers with a high degree of sensuality, and in doing so manages to negotiate around Iran’s strict censorship guidelines that prevent physical touch between men and women. The basket of fruit that falls to the ground is highly suggestive of sensuality – even sexuality perhaps given the association of dried figs with fertility. The richness of the red tomatoes against the sodden earth adds another layer of sensuality which is matched by the couple’s hands as they almost touch, but not quite. Majidi overlaps the hands within the composition of the mise-en-scène to give the impression of touch. In addition, the swoosh sound of Baran’s burka creates a sensory experience for the viewers. The gesture of helping Baran to put her shoe back on suggests chivalry and the use of indirect gazes across the edit, rather than in two-shot, also evades the censorship restrictions.

Sensuality in Majid Majidi's Baran

Clip from Majid Majidi's Baran

from Baran (2001)
Creator: Majid Majidi
Posted by Michelle Langford