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compassion, faith, co-operation and kindness in Children of Heaven

by Michelle Langford

Majid Majidi’s Children of Heaven tells the simple story of a little girl (Zahra) and her brother (Ali), who has lost his sister’s only pair of shoes. Because the don’t want to trouble their parents, who are desperately poor, they share one pair of shoes. He wears them to school in the morning; she in the afternoon. In this clip, after Zahra has discovered another little girl at school wearing her beloved pink shoes, she has decided to follow her home, we imagine to confront her. Her brother joins her. What Zahra witnesses is the adverse situation of the other little girl, whose family appear to be even poorer than Zahra and Ali’s family. In addition, the little girl’s aged father is blind. The cut back to a close-up of Zahra’s face says it all as she realises that she can no longer pursue her lost shoes. Majidi uses this scene to reinforce key values that underpin the film: compassion, faith, co-operation and kindness.

Patience and Restraint in Children of Heaven

Clip from Majid Majidi's Children of Heaven

from Children of Heaven (1997)
Creator: Majid Majidi
Posted by Michelle Langford