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Commentaries on this Media!

Revealing the apparatus in Jafar Panahi's The Mirror

by Michelle Langford

This is the crucial scene in Jafar Panahi's film The Mirror, where his young character/actress 'Mina' suddenly refuses to continue acting. Panahi uses this as a device to call into question the nature of cinematic representation and the supposed capacity of non-professional child actors to seem more real than professional, adult characters.
Note how Mina breaks the '4th wall' and looks directly at the camera before Pahani cuts from the 35mm footage to more grainy video footage.
It is a good example of Panahi's self-reflexive style.

Jafar Panahi's The Mirror 'I don't want to act any more!'

Clip of crucial scene from Jafar Panahi's The Mirror

from The Mirror (1997)
Creator: Jafar Panahi
Posted by Michelle Langford