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Commentaries on this Media!

Internal diegetic sound

by Michelle Langford

When thinking about the provenance of sound key questions to ask include: Where does sound come from? Who has access to this sound?
Internal diegetic sound: sound that comes from inside the mind of a character; subjective sound that can’t be heard by other characters. This sound is part of the story world, but it originates within the character. In this clip from ‘Blue Jasmine’, we begin watching Jasmine mumbling to herself out loud, accompanied by non-diegetic music. However then ‘Blue Moon’ begins to play. To the viewer it initially seems like non-diegetic music, however soon we realise that the music is playing in Jasmine’s head. The provenance of the sound is within the mind of the character.

Internal diegetic sound in Blue Jasmine

Internal diegetic sound in Blue Jasmine

from Blue Jasmine (2013)
Creator: Woody Allen
Posted by Michelle Langford