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NYC School Boycott - Feb 1964 - ABC - Milton Galamison

by Matt Delmont

On Feb. 3, 1964, more than 460,000 students, predominantly black and Puerto Rican, stayed out of school to protest educational inequality and school segregation in the Big Apple. By 1964, the black community’s frustration with the glacial pace of change in the schools led to a massive school boycott. Led by Brooklyn minister Milton Galamison and organized by Bayard Rustin, the boycotters demanded that the school board implement a desegregation plan across the city. Groups of students, parents and some teachers marched in front of 300 schools and in front of the Board of Education headquarters, chanting, “Jim Crow must go,” and singing “We Shall Overcome.”

NYC School Boycott - Feb 1964 - ABC - Milton Galamison

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Rev. Milton Galamison, school boycott leader, talks to reporter regarding NYC School boycott, Feb 1964

from ABC News (1964)
Creator: ABC
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Matt Delmont