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NAG Anti-busing protest at GM - Pontiac - 9-14-71 - NBC

by Matt Delmont

To keep the anti-busing protests in the media spotlight for as long as possible, moreover, McCabe organized different types of protests to give reporters new events to cover that built on the existing NAG storyline. “Publicity, attention—every day,” she told The National Observer, “that’s what we’ve got to have.” When a NAG picket line shut down the General Motors Fisher auto body factory, for example, it did not prompt GM to lobby for anti-busing legislation (NAG’s stated goal), but it did draw coverage from all three networks. NAG’s GM protest started at 5 a.m. and featured women and children carrying signs reading “Dads—Help us stop busing,” while they chanted a slogan popularized by the Black Panthers: “Power to the people, power to the people, right on.” CBS reported that NAG “tried something new today,” while NBC reported that the group had adopted a “new tactic.”

NAG Anti-busing protest at GM - Pontiac - 9-14-71 - NBC

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National Action Group Anti-busing protest at GM - Pontiac - 9-14-71 - NBC

from NBC Nightly News (1971)
Creator: NBC Nightly News
Distributor: NBC
Posted by Matt Delmont