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Commentaries on this Media!

Milt Grant Pepsi Ad

by Matt Delmont

Sponsors that advertised on The Milt Grant Show bought interaction between their products and the show’s teenagers. For example, in a 1957 episode the show’s teens finished dancing to The Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” and the camera focused on Grant in front of a table with dozens of bottles of Pepsi. After Grant took a big drink of the soda and delivered the sales pitch (“Never too heavy, never too sweet, always just right”), he asked two teenagers to help hand out bottles of the sponsor’s drink to the dancers. As Grant introduced The Four Ace’s “I Just Don’t Know,” he exited the scene, the camera pulled back to focus on teens who flocked to pick up their free Pepsi. The teens held and drank their sodas while dancing, keeping the sponsor’s product in the picture throughout the song. Some teens were still holding their bottles when Grant started the next advertisement for Motorola portable radios. Here again, the advertisement incorporated the studio audience, with one young woman holding the radio while Grant extolled its features. These interpolated commercials, which were common in radio and television shows in this era, offered sponsors daily visual evidence of teenagers’ eagerness to consume products and encouraged The Milt Grant Show’s viewers to participate in the same consumption rituals as the studio audience.

Milt Grant Pepsi Ad

Pepsi advertisement from The Milt Grant Show, May 1957

from The Milt Grant Show (1957)
Creator: WTTG
Posted by Matt Delmont