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Marching Mothers in Washington DC - 4-27-72 - CBS

by Matt Delmont

To symbolize their roles as housewives and mothers, McCabe and the other marchers wore aprons with their names and references to H.J. 620. The marchers first stop at the steps of the Capitol, where they met with then Michigan Congressman Gerald Ford, Tennessee Senator William Brock (who sponsored the anti-busing amendment in the Senate), Massachusetts Congresswoman and anti-busing leader Louis Day Hicks, and several other prominent politicians, reminded viewers of the political purpose of the mother’s march. As the mothers walked the final blocks to the anti-busing rally on the grounds of the Washington monument, the television reports segued to focus on how the mothers, and especially McCabe, had gamely suffered in support of their cause. Each station mentioned the mothers’ feet and the how sore they were after miles of walking. CBS cut to a medium shot of three of the mothers’ feet, while reporter Tony Sargent said: “Mrs. McCabe and the others all had foot and leg problems along the way, some requiring doctor’s care.” These scenes made the mothers’ suffering, described in dozens of newspapers stories filed during the march, visible to a national television audience

Marching Mothers in Washington DC - 4-27-72 - CBS

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Marching Mothers in Washington DC - 4-27-72 - CBS

from CBS Evening News (1972)
Creator: CBS Evening News
Distributor: CBS
Posted by Matt Delmont