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Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces - "Decatur Street Tutti" (1929)

by Matt Delmont

On June 29, 1929, the Norfolk Journal and Guide featured an advertisement for a new record by Jabbo Smith and his Rhythm Aces, "Decatur Street Tutti." The record, produced by Brunswick Race Records, featured "a mean clarinet...a hot guitar...and a vocal chorus that's full of pep."
At, Lee Weinstock says this about Cladys "Jabbo" Smith: "Jabbo had a short but exceedingly important recording career in the late 1920's when he became the first trumpeter to seriously challenge Louis Armstrong with a virtuosity which was years ahead of its time. His work had a direct influence on Roy Eldridge, a pivotal figure in the development of Modern Jazz"

Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces - "Decatur Street Tutti" (1929)

Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces - "Decatur Street Tutti"(1929)

from "Decatur Street Tutti" (1929)
Creator: The Orchard Music
Posted by Matt Delmont