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Gov. Kirk school takeover - 4-6-70 - ABC

by Matt Delmont

The school takeover propelled Kirk back onto the nightly news broadcasts and the front pages of national newspapers. “Probably not since George Wallace made his stand in the school house doorway in Alabama in 1963,” ABC anchor Frank Reynolds noted, “has a state governor placed himself in such direct conflict with the federal government.” The following report showed Kirk speaking to reporters from the superintendent’s office, which he and his staff had occupied. “Were involved here in forced busing,” Kirk said. “Now that’s the clearest cut most violent circumstance in the nation’s and world’s history.”

Gov. Kirk school takeover - 4-6-70 - ABC

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Gov. Kirk school takeover - 4-6-70 - ABC

from ABC Evening News (1970)
Creator: ABC
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Matt Delmont