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Commentaries on this Media!

American Bandstand Introduction - 1957

by Matt Delmont

In addition to the name change, through its new introduction and set design American Bandstand encouraged viewers to imagine themselves as part of a national audience of television viewers.  Each show opened with the camera focused on teenagers dancing in the studio to “Bandstand Boogie,” a big band swing style instrumental written especially for the show.  The camera would pull back to reveal a large cut-out map of the continental U.S., made out of blue-glittered cardboard.  With the teenagers now pictured to be dancing inside of this national map, the producers superimposed the show’s title at the center.[i]  Using this technique, within the first minute of each program American Bandstand depicted its studio audience as literally dancing across the nation.

American Bandstand Intro - 1957

Introduction of American Bandstand, featuring teens dancing behind a larger cut-out of the U.S.

from American Bandstand (1957)
Creator: Dick Clark
Distributor: ABC/WFIL
Posted by Matt Delmont