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External Rhythm: Mad Max Fury Road, quick cuts

by Michael Frierson

Halfway through the film, Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) negotiates with a biker gang, offering gasoline for safe passage through a canyon.

The bikers believe her to be alone, but one of the women in Furiosa’s party, hiding in the gasoline tanker, begins to moan because she is in labor. Sensing that the standoff is about to go downhill, Furiosa leaps in to action to escape the canyon. This scene continues for sometime, but the first :30 seconds contains 27 shots, and the longest shot -- at 54 frames or 2.25 seconds – is wide shot of a single motorcyclist charging down the hill to attack the tanker.

The shortest shots are both 7 frames in length – a duration of roughly .3 seconds. The average shot length here is thus 26 frames, or slightly over 1 second.

External Rhythm: Mad Max Fury Road, quick cuts

“Hitchcock had one of my favorite sayings about cinema: he said, 'I want to make movies where they don’t have to read the subtitles in Japan.'" -- George Miller

from Mad Max Fury Road (2015)
Creator: Geaorge Miller
Distributor: Warner Brothers (USA), Roadshow Films (Australia)
Posted by Michael Frierson